New Slobberbone song!!

Last week, we took a road trip up to Denton, Lucky Lou’s, and the 16th (I think) Annual Mudbug Boil.
Mudbugs are crayfish, for those outside the southern United States. I had only one purpose for being there, to see the MIGHTY MIGHTY Slobberbone. We were treated to a new song from Brent, Jess, Brian and Tony. It’s called Top Five.

One thought on “New Slobberbone song!!

  1. I managed to make it to the boil as well; I’m glad you got video of this one cause I’ve had (what I remembered of) this song stuck in my head ever since. I’ll happily retire the 1/3 song with wrong lyrics I’ve been humming for a week by wearing out your video. Absolutely loved this tune on the first listen. Thanks Brad!