Buy modafinil in pakistan - Buy modafinil in usa One Man's Trunk is Another Band's Pleasure. Thu, 24 Apr 2014 00:32:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 White Post Restorations Thu, 24 Apr 2014 00:32:45 +0000 buy modafinil]]> Some of you, that know me personally, know I have a few British cars. Back in 2008, I attended the Lake of the Ozarks 50 Anniversary Celebration of the Austin Healey Sprite. In preparation of this event, I had the brake and clutch master of our car rebuilt. Hands down, everyone I know, recommended White Post Restorations of White Post, VA.
I sent my units off, and they were bored, and re-sleeved in brass. This is taken right off their page “When you receive your rebuilt brake cylinders, they’re ready to bolt on your car, and you’ll never have to touch them again!”

Well, 2013 comes to an end, and when, oddly enough, a nice day appeared, so I went out to the garage to go for a drive. This was not to be. The footwell was soaked and slick, with brake fluid. Upon further inspection, BOTH masters had failed, and flooded the car. Now, I had a nagging thought, that something might have been amiss. I had been having to add fluid to the clutch master for some time, but I put that off to my reusing a copper crush washer, rather than a new one. Used ones can leak, and since they are cheap enough, they are usually replaced. I just forgot to order one.
I contacted White Post, they asked me to ship my brake and clutch master back, and they would attend to it. It wasn’t until late January, when the weather co-operated enough to remove the masters. I promptly zip lock bagged, wrapped in bubble wrap, packed in a large quantity of foam peanuts, and sent back. With $400 of insurance, I might add.

On Feb 4th, they show up on the doorstep. I open the box, everything is wrapped in shrinkwrap, then newsprint, then packing popcorn. None of the care, and bubble wrap that I had used, had been shown to my rebuilt, returned product. I dig out the first one, the clutch master. It looks great. I bolt it up to the waiting pedal box. I dig out the brake master. WTF!?!?!

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After an email to Crystal Thompson, they were able to find another Lockheed lid, and send it to me, no charge of course.
I get the pedal box installed, bleed both units, and go out for a ride. It’s the weekend, the sun is out, life is good.
As we all know, the weather has been pretty bi-polar this year, so it was a while before another ride. The next nice Friday comes along. I get into the car, ready for another day in the sun. Push in the clutch, hit reverse, and start backing out. Push on the brake, NOTHING. I am alone, so bleeding is out of the question. I fill the master, and wait for the wife to come home. Out of curiosity, I put a trash bag on the footwell floor.
I go out the next day, and find this…

Yet ANOTHER email to White Post. I tried a few other tests, to be sure it was not a leaking line coming out of the master, but those were fine. I return it, AGAIN. Zip lock bag, lots of packing peanuts. Priority, insured for $200 (single master this time).

Today, I get home at lunch, box on the step. Open it up, HOORAY, IT’S BACK!! I had been asked to participate in a car show on May 3rd. I’m thinking, now I can take the Sprite. All afternoon, I’m waiting for work to end, I have things to do when I get home.
Get to the house, grab line wrenches, the bowl of fasteners, get the car out of the garage and into the sun. Bench bleed the master, set it loosely in place, hook up the lines. I push the brake master into place to start bolting.

buy modafinil reddit

Reservoir installed backwards

If you can’t tell, the lid is SUPPOSED to sit horizontally.

SO, OFF, AGAIN, back into yet ANOTHER zip lock bag, back into THEIR wrapping, THEIR packing peanuts, back into the box it hit my door in today.
I don’t have a clue as to how this will play out. I have laughed at those that have bought starters and alternator from the likes of Autozone and O’Reilly’s. “They have a lifetime warranty” I am told by the purchaser on the receiving end of my derision. “Yes” say I, “but you can count on replacing it every 6 months or so”.
Yet, here I am, with MY “lifetime warranty”
I am on several online communities, for the Austin Healey Sprite. For years, I have heard few good things said about Apple Hydraulics, and nothing but accolades for White Post Restorations. I myself, have lauded praise on them, extolling their virtues, based on their attention given to my parts, back in 2008.

Yet now, I am not certain I can be so convincing, of the wisdom of my decision. My car is still dead, going on 6 months now. I am out $50, returning parts, again and again, and again, when I had been under the impression that, “you’ll never have to touch them again!”

I am not here to speak ill of White Post, but I feel after all I have been through, my story needs to be told. Rest assured, as we move towards a resolution, what; or when that will be, I know not, but I WILL keep you informed.

Caveat Emptor.

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Any idea what this is? Fri, 12 Oct 2012 01:16:10 +0000 buy modafinil canada]]> A friend of mine got this from his father a while back. It came from West Virginia back in the 60’s or 70’s. buy modafinil australia reddit
There are four holes with a flap and peg that can pivot to fit into any of them.
buy modafinil online reddit
The end has three drilled tubes, that have had corks inserted into them. All of these holes have bottoms, they do not go anywhere, to lead one to believe this could be a musical instrument.
buy modafinil uk reddit
Although the photo is fuzzy, you can see there are two holes in the side as well. The one on the right has a cork broken off in it. The one that is open and exposed, has a bottom. It does not go anywhere.
buy modafinil india
Does anyone know what this may be?

There are those that are not believing that this is a Muzzleloader block. Here, for those doubters, are the instructions, for this exact object.
buy modafinil usa

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New Slobberbone song!! Sat, 12 May 2012 08:02:19 +0000 buy modafinil ireland]]> Last week, we took a road trip up to Denton, Lucky Lou’s, and the 16th (I think) Annual Mudbug Boil.
Mudbugs are crayfish, for those outside the southern United States. I had only one purpose for being there, to see the MIGHTY MIGHTY Slobberbone. We were treated to a new song from Brent, Jess, Brian and Tony. It’s called Top Five.

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Chris Holt does a cover song Wed, 28 Sep 2011 00:06:42 +0000 buy modafinil online canada]]> I first got to know Chris Holt, when he joined the lineup in Sorta. His guitar and keyboard skills were a wonderful counterpoint to Carter Albrecht.
This recording is from a home show last winter. Sorry about the lighting, but there was virtually NO lighting at this show. It was an interesting “intimate” setting, but since the recording is virtually nothing but black, this is the ONLY clip I will show from that event.
Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” was a favorite of mine for years. To know that Chris was as fond of it as I was, and did this song such justice, I just couldn’t let this clip sit ignored. I hope some of you love this song, as much as I do.
Thank you Chris.

Welcome to Tequila Brad’s Tequila Blog Sat, 17 Sep 2011 16:48:18 +0000 buy modafinil online sun pharma]]> If you have ever attended a Slobberbone show in Dallas or Denton over the past decade or so, you might be aware of the legendary Tequila Brad and his trunk full of fine tequilas. A genuine music fan, and an aficionado on the spirit of blue agave, TB can often be spotted running video at a local show, and is always cordial and open to sharing good times and good spirits with friends and bands and fans.

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