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Todd Mankin is another good friend of ours. I have seen many an opening band, but none that has ever just blown me away, like Todd and el Guapo did with their set. Now he is the headliner, and he well deserves the top spot. Here he is, at the Cowtown Bar and Grill in Fort Worth, on 09-17-2010. He starts off with “Soul Shine”, and segues into Fred Eaglesmith’s “Time To Get A Gun”. Many thanks to Scott Miller, from Slacker Country, for the song info.

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One of the main reasons I have wanted this page, is to expose other people to what “I” think good music really is. To me, good music doesn’t come from American Idol, The X Factor, or whatever other “reality” ilk is spewing onto the music masses. Am I any more qualified than all the record company executives to tell you what you SHOULD listen to? Probably not, but there is one MAJOR difference between them, and myself. I do this for the love of music, not the love of a paycheck. When I tell you that you should check out this band, it isn’t for money, it’s because I truly LOVE the band. I have been going to shows for nigh on a decade now. I started out taking photos, then upgraded to a slightly better camera that would shoot video. Now I have moved to an HD unit. This is the VERY FIRST song, from my very first show, with this new camera. I love the band, I love the song, and Colin is one hell of a good friend to my wife and I. It is my pleasure to offer up, THE BAND OF HEATHENS!!!

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If you have ever attended a Slobberbone show in Dallas or Denton over the past decade or so, you might be aware of the legendary Tequila Brad and his trunk full of fine tequilas. A genuine music fan, and an aficionado on the spirit of blue agave, TB can often be spotted running video at a local show, and is always cordial and open to sharing good times and good spirits with friends and bands and fans.